We choose not to breed a litter in our home more then once/twice yearly for many reasons....  It is very consuming to breed a litter, raise a litter and to home it properly.  We feel it is of the utmost priority to research our pedigrees, take our time, and make the most informed decisions when planning a litter.  So, when we do plan our litters... we are very excited about them!  When planning our future, we are always breeding with the intent to keep a puppy for our own, as to move one step closer in perfecting our breeding program.

To become familiar with this impressive breed,
the first thing you should look at is the AKC Akita Breed Standard:

Large, powerful, alert, with much substance and heavy bone. The broad head, 
forming a blunt triangle, with deep muzzle, small eyes and erect ears carried forward 
in line with back of neck, is characteristic of the breed. The large, curled tail, balancing 
the broad head, is also characteristic of the breed.
Continue reading the standard by clicking here.

The Akita is STRIKING!  No other word can better explain this alert and powerfully built canine.  The Akita is renown for it courage and loyalty, being one of the family.

We try very hard to place our puppies in great homes, our application process is detailed, and we do not accept deposits early on – we like to get to know our potential puppy owners.  I do not want anyone to feel they have to buy a puppy because they are obligated or because they have already applied money.  Good communication with our potential puppy home is essential!  We need to know that not only are we placing our puppies in a good home, but we can communicate with that family for the lifetime of our puppy. 

Breeding and showing these dogs isn’t just a sport... or a hobby... It is what we enjoy (aside from our human family-they are apart of our family).  We take great pride in our akitas, their personalities and accomplishments.  But in this same breath, we feel very responsible for their well-being and happiness.  We very much look forward to the small notes in email from owners updating us, the occasional letter and photos in the mail, and the abundant amount of Holiday Cards at the end of each year.  We also encourage hearing about our puppies as they grow, our door doesn't close when an issue may arise... We want to know it all... and offer our assistance and help where needed.  This gives us knowledge as to the success or failure for the choices we’ve made – which will affect our future and the future of this breed.

To all potential owners of a MajikSun Akita, we stress the importance of your involvement with this breed.  Your willingness to educate yourself with the Akita will make a world of difference when introducing a puppy into your family.  The Akita Club of America offers many areas of education and participation, from health to socialization - direct hands on dedication to functions, committees and decisions that affect the breed in the United States.  We recommend anyone looking to acquire an Akita become a member of the ACA.

Although the Akita is very demanding as a family member, they are also described as aloof.  Introducing an Akita into your family is a HUGE commitment, and will require diligent training and socialization.  Your knowledge concerning the traits with the Akita is essential to a safe and happy environment. 

Courtesy of the ACA Website:

We also suggest and may require new Akita Owners to obtain these two recommended books :
The Akita: Treasure of Japan & Cesar Millan : Dog Whisperer


 The Akita is not the right dog for everyone. The person who assumes responsibility for an Akita MUST be able to take control of the dog at an early age.  This means that the person has to be the dominant party in this relationship. Dominance is more a state of mind, but you must also be prepared to physically dominate the dog if necessary.  Akitas, as with most dogs, live their lives in a pack environment, whether the pack be animals or people.  If you are not willing to be the leader of the pack, the Akita most certainly will.  So the Akita owner must have the energy and will to keep firm, consistent discipline as the dog matures.  A little work and persistence in training in the early months with an Akita will reap you huge benefits as a well-behaved member of the family down the road.

A few photos of our puppies for your enjoyment!

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