Taryn with Gossip Baku & Alicia 1983I (Alicia) was introduced to my first Akita in 1980.  In 1982 my parents introduced me to my very own little girl.  Her name was Echol's Magic Sun Child "Baku".  Baku and I showed actively for about 3 years in both the breed classes and Jr. Showmanship.  In this period we excelled quickly, moving up to the higher ranks of the Jr's competition and learning more about the breed ring.  You can read much about our success in an article I wrote for the 1984 November/December issue of the Akita World pertaining to Jr. Showmanship.

Baku was my world.  In 1991, she passed on due to complications of gastric torsion / bloat.  A devastating disease that can affect the digestive track of many large breed dogs.  Due to the sheer shock of loosing my childhood buddy, it took almost three years to share my home with a new friend.  Although Baku was irreplaceable, I finally came to terms with the need for another Akita!  I guess you could say I was bitten by the Akita Bug.  In 1993, I began my search, and that's when we acquired Jazmine.

We have been very successful with our Akitas and their Outstanding Pedigrees!  The pedigrees you will view on our site will include AKC (AM) and CKC (CAN) Champions (CH), Best in Show (BIS), Best in Specialty Show (BISS), Register of Merit (ROM), Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Award of Merits (AOM) and Therapy Dogs (TDI)

All of our puppies are raised in the home with our children!  We consider it, of the highest priority to produce an Akita with a stable temperament.  All of our puppies leave our home with full contracts and written guarantees.  The Sire and Dam of each and every litter from us will be currently tested for health issues, such as, OFA (hips), current CERF (eyes), and have a normal Thyroid (Without Medication).

If you feel you may be interested in a MajikSun Akita, or just have questions, please feel free to contact us with any of the options below.

Alicia Meyer 
Hillsboro, Oregon ~ USA



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